No Pre-Registration necessary, but please see John Miller prior to nightfall on Friday or Saturday nights to pay for attendance.


Special Thanks to:

Montclair State University and the NJ School of Conservation for being gracious hosts of this spectacular event.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Q: Is the Stokes Star Party a "Rain or Shine" event?

A: Unlike other star parties, the Stokes Star Party does not offer door prizes, speakers/lecturers and on-site activities. Chances are if the conditions call for a greater chance of rain and clouds than clear skies, there may be few if any attendees. The best course of action is to keep atop the weather forecasts, including the ClearSkyClock forecast (available on the Main Stokes Star Party Page), and if in doubt e-mail Associate Coordinator, Rob Teeter, at: rob(at)teeterstelescopes.com

Q: What if I don't own a telescope, can I still attend?

A: The Stokes Star Party is an open event and no telescopes are required for entry. If the forecast calls for a completely clear weekend, dozens of attendees with dozens of scopes ranging from as small as 3" to as large as 25" may be in attendance. Please realize, however, that due to the dark skies at the star party, some observers may be wrapped up in accomplishing their own observing milestones and may not be able to provide views through their telescope(s) on queue. Please respect those observers' intentions. There are other attendees who will be more than happy to show you the wonders of the universe, all you have to do is ask!

Q: Can I attend just Friday or just Saturday, instead of the whole weekend?

A: Yes, indeed! But please be courteous and plan to arrive and/or leave prior to night-fall if you are only staying one night.

Q: I have large/heavy equipment, can I drive onto the observing field and off-load?

A: Great question! In year's past, all attendees were able to drive onto the field, drop off their equipment and even park next to their equipment. The New Jersey School of Conservation has recently come under new management and that access to the field has been limited to keep the field in more pristine condition. It is preferable if you park on the perimeter of the field and bring your equipment in by hand. However, if your equipment is excessively large (>18" aperture Dob, for example), exceptions can be made.

Q: Is there electric on the field to plug my laptop/scope/dew-heaters into?

A: There is electric available adjacent to the observing field and it is suggested that you provide your own extension cord to access that power.

Q: Who should I contact if I need more information on this event?

A: Please contact Associate Coordinator, Rob Teeter, at rob(at)teeterstelescopes.com

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