No Pre-Registration necessary, but please see John Miller prior to nightfall on Friday or Saturday nights to pay for attendance.


Special Thanks to:

Montclair State University and the NJ School of Conservation for being gracious hosts of this spectacular event.


Activities for the Daylight Hours

Above: Left, a view inside of High Point Scientific, located on Route 206 in Montague, NJ, approximately 25 minutes from the observing field at the Stokes Star Party. Middle, the 220 feet tall High Point Monument at New Jersey's highest point, 1803 feet, located within High Point State Park. Right, one of the many falls at Bushkill Falls in the Eastern Pocono Mountains.


While the Stokes Star Party is, of course, a star party held in New Jersey's darkest locale, it is still a "No-Frills" or "Bare-Bones" event with no scheduled activities on-site. However, there are a number of things to keep you busy during the day within easy driving distance of the observing field, including (but not limited to):

  • Visiting High Point Scientific, a full service telescope and astronomy retailer, located at: 442 Route 206 Montague, NJ 07827. *Please note, they have cut back on their showroom hours recently, so be sure to call ahead if planning a visit;
  • Visiting High Point State Park, and the High Point monument for spectacular views atop the 220 feet tall look-out, in addition to the many trails and hiking paths that run through the park;
  • Visiting Bushkill Falls, also known as the Niagara of Pennsylvania, just across the border in the Eastern Pocono Mountains;
  • Visiting Shohola Falls and hiking/birding in the surrounding area, only a short 30 minute drive into Pennyslvania along historic and picturesque Route 6;
  • Hiking to and from the famous Sunrise Mountain in Stokes State Forest;
  • Canoeing and kayaking on the Delaware River is a great way to spend a few relaxing hours awaiting night-fall;
  • Star Party coordinator, John Miller, also runs fossil hunts and hikes within the bounds of Stokes State Forest on Saturday morning/afternoon.


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