No Pre-Registration necessary, but please see John Miller prior to nightfall on Friday or Saturday nights to pay for attendance.


Special Thanks to:

Montclair State University and the NJ School of Conservation for being gracious hosts of this spectacular event.



Fall 2018 Stokes Star Party:


** Friday & Saturday, October 12 & 13 **


NOTE: The large bunkhouse is not available this weekend. Due to NJSOC budget and staffing cutbacks they can only make the small bunkhouse available to us. The smaller bunkhouse sleeps approximately 15 people and is much more "cozy." Further, it will be first-come first-serve. The facility is open to us as early as 1:00pm on Friday, October 12. As always, tent camping on the field is encouraged. Car camping and RVs are welcome adjacent to the observing field.


Above: Panoramic view, facing Northwest, of the main observing field taken during a previous event. The Southern horizon is lower, so most equipment is setup on the northern end of the field. Image courtesy of Tom Olgetree.


"New Jersey" and "dark skies" are not usually companions within the same sentence, but the Stokes Star Party has begun a tradition of taking advantage of the remaining dark skies in the Garden State. Nestled up in the far Northwest corner of the state is Stokes State Forest, inside of which is found the 240-acre abode of the New Jersey School of Conservation (NJSOC). Owned and operated by Montclair State University (MSU), this tract of land is preserved as an environmental extension station for the College of Science and Mathematics at MSU.


As such, the NJSOC has become an ideal setting for star-gazing under night skies that are the least obstructed by light pollution in the state. Join us for a weekend of observing the planets and all of the Spring deep-sky wonders (as well as some Summer treasures for those who stay up late enough, including the Summer Milky Way rising over Lake Wapalanne!).

The Stokes Star Party IS a beginner friendly event!

We welcome astronomers of all experience levels, even those without their own equipment. Come up and observe through telescopes that others have brought, along with learning the constellations and taking "Star Tours" from experienced observers. We also typically have at least one astronomer in attendance using a CCD video camera projecting images for all to see on a large 8'x8' canvas on the edge of the observing field.

We also welcome astro-imagers! There is AC power on the field, but please bring your own extension cord(s) and surge-protector(s) to plug in.


With the coordination of John Miller (Pearl Observatory), Rob Teeter (Teeter's Telescopes) and a handful of other dedicated observers, the Stokes Star Party has become a "right of passage" every April as the first Northeast Star Party of the calendar year.


Please visit the links to your left or Email Rob Teeter for more information: rob(at)teeterstelescopes.com


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